Welcome to our Light Ahead event, with Monawar Hussain, Xa Sturgis & One World Festival Committee

Thanks for visiting the seventh event within our 2020-21 One World Festival series! Broadcast at 2.30pm on Sunday 11 April, One World Committee Member and Sheriff of Oxfordshire, Monawar Hussain, and Director from the Ashmolean Museum, Dr Xa Sturgis, welcomed us towards the event and closed the Festival.

One World is really a celebration of the numerous communities and faiths of Oxfordshire and it is needed more than ever before during these challenging occasions. Our theme ‘Light Ahead’ brings hope in addition to possibilities for reflection through a number of talks, performances, and activities. Occasions will occur around the last Sunday of every month. Learn more about our One World Festival at: world wide web.ashmolean.org/oneworld

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