Triton at Trinity – Varsity Boys Basketball 🏀 2-9-2021

Scoring Sheets are available at https://world wide

(Classes of 2024-2021)

🔵 Home: Triton Varsity Trojans “White-colored/Blue/Gold”

#4 Hunter McIntyre [12] 5-11 F

#5 Cole McKinney [11] 5-11 G

#10 Ashton Oviedo [11] 5-10 G

#12 Dominic Cruz [11] 6-1 F

#14 John Gardner [12] 6- F

#20 Cole Shively [9] 6-1 G

#22 Bruce Manley [11] 6-1 G

#24 Tyson Yates [11] 5-10 G

#30 Chandler Westafer [10] 5-10 G

#33 Connor Large [11] 6- F

#34 Keegan Westafer [12] 6-1 F

#40 Cameron Shively [10] 6- F

coached by Jason Groves

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