The Fastest Way to Lose Weight is Amputation but Don't Do That

This video is simply to deal with one such question I recieve.

It isn’t designed to anger anybody or play the role of clickbait. It is simply to try and persuade folks to consider their lengthy-term results and never concentrate on sacrificing health for speed.

Incidentally, if “consume less food” isn’t on your side, my personal favorite method to lose weight would be to just get yourself some extra muscle. Growing the big muscles from the body with squats, deadlifts, and pullups really boosts the energy demands from the body, which could place you in a caloric deficit even when your diet plan continues to be the same. I have found it will make an impact.

Legal Notice: Talk to your physician prior to starting any type of workout program. This video doesn’t replace an actual therapy program or consultation with your personal doctor.

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