Sydney beaches packed with people, new cash bonus for disaster payment recipients | 9 News Australia

Crowds are now being switched from beaches across Sydney after thousands packed the shoreline on the day that the condition hit a brand new COVID-19 peak. Families who’ve lost work during lockdowns might be lined up for any cash bonus they are not aware of following the Pm altered the tax rules on weekly disaster payments. Subscribe and 🔔: Have more breaking news at

00:00 Coronavirus update NSW

3:25 Victoria coronavirus update

3:42 Queensland coronavirus update

3:57 Coronavirus disaster payments

5:53 Andrew O’Keefe faces court

6:15 Malabar fire

6:33 Police pursuit

6:55 9/11 20th anniversary

9:02 Kristina Keneally diversity debate

9:38 Firefighters get ready for bushfire season

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