Surviving 30 Days of Shaolin Kung Fu Training – Week 2

I attempted surviving thirty days of Shaolin Kung Fu training. First 200 people to enroll in Brilliant can get 20% business annual premium membership:

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Master Yandi 释延荻法师

*NEW* Master Yandi is holding live classes in Vancouver Canada! Courses are on Sep 12 and Sep 14. Visit https://world wide

Master Yandi is really a Shaolin kung fu master in the Shaolin Temple. He’s now distributing his teachings in Richmond Canada. Find out more about Shaolin culture and Master Yandi: or email

Master Yandi may be the Abbot and Headmaster at Shaolin Temple & Cultural Center of Canada situated in Richmond BC. The Shaolin Temple of Canada is really a non-profit society as well as an official extension of Shaolin Temple & Monastery of Hanan China. He joined Shaolin Temple in the youthful chronilogical age of 8 and it has been training since. Now Master Yandi aims to assist students and disciples of backgrounds and cultures within their quest of empathy, physical & spiritual fitness, and enlightenment through its teachings. Go visit the website if you wish to find out more.

Yongho Hapkido Fighting Techinques Academy

https://world wide

2565 Barnet Hwy #11, Coquitlam

I will be training every week with Master Yandi. So excited to inform you my progress and share my learnings!!


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For individuals individuals that do not know, Shaolin kung fu is among the earliest and hardest types of fighting techinques. Lots of MMA along with other fighting techinques originated in Shaolin kung fu. You might have seen many Martial artist versus Shaolin Monk videos online. Shaolin masters can be cultivated crazy abilities like iron fist, extreme versatility, and the opportunity to operate on water.


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