Learn to Watch Lectures Effectively 🔥 | Just keep these 5 points in Mind


00:00 Would you Watch Lectures using the Intention to Entertain Yourself or Learn Something?

00:56 Every considered – How you can Boost the Efficiency of watching Lectures?

03:13 Note when Subject is finished

05:06 Note whenever you Understand

05:43 Note & Read Two times when…

08:30 Rid yourself to review

13:12 Heighten your Attention

16:21 Summary



three days of Attention Program – mysticalseeker.com/3daysofattention

TJC Website – https://world wide web.iitjeementorship.com/

TJC Web Community – https://world wide web.iitjeementorship.com/community

TJC QnA – https://world wide web.iitjeementorship.com/community/questions-solutions

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TJC Discussions – https://world wide web.iitjeementorship.com/community/general-discussions

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