Impossible Minecraft Illusions that make no sense

Within this Minecraft video Mumbo builds some Impossible Minecraft Builds which make no sense. These Impossible Minecraft optical Illusions are mind bending constructions that defy the laws and regulations of physics, frequently searching like non-Euclidian Minecraft structures, these optical illusions in Minecraft are made entirely in survival vanilla Minecraft. Featuring M.C Escher’s infinite waterfall illusion in Minecraft, Penrose stairs in Minecraft, Impossible triangles in Minecraft and lots of other cursed minecraft builds.


MC Eschers Waterfall:

Sphere map optical illusion: https://world wide

Cursed block (I can not remember where When i first saw this, but here’s a high quality one): https://world wide

Penrose steps:

Black and white-colored squares illusion: https://world wide

Filming funnel: https://world wide

Instagram: https://world wide


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