China's tech crackdown continues, Microsoft to shut down its version of LinkedIn in China

Eunice Yoon joins The Exchange from Beijing, where she reports on the new privacy law that’s driving certain stocks lower. Furthermore, she discusses the result of Microsoft pulling Linkedin from China. For use of live and exclusive video from CNBC sign up for CNBC PRO:

Microsoft announced Thursday it’ll shut lower its local form of LinkedIn in China because the country is constantly on the expand its censorship from the internet.

LinkedIn was the final major U.S. social networking still operating in China, that has a few of the strictest censorship rules. Social networking platforms and websites like Facebook happen to be blocked for over a decade in the united states, while Google made the decision to shutter operations this year.

Microsoft stated it might shut lower LinkedIn as a result of “significantly tougher operating atmosphere and greater compliance needs in China.” Rather, Microsoft will launch employment search site in China that does not have LinkedIn’s social networking features.

This news uses a Chinese internet regulator told LinkedIn in March to higher moderate its content and gave it a 30-day deadline, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Recently, LinkedIn blocked several U.S. journalists in China, citing “prohibited content” within their profiles. The profiles of academics and researchers are also apparently blocked around the platform in China in recent several weeks.

LinkedIn launched in China in 2014 with limited features designed to stick to stricter internet laws and regulations in the united states. The brand new site, known as InJobs, won’t incorporate a social feed or allow users to talk about posts or articles.

Data from research firm Statista shows that China is LinkedIn’s third-largest market. In This summer, Microsoft Chief executive officer Satya Nadella stated LinkedIn contributes about $10 billion in annual revenue. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016 for $26.2 billion.

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