Let us start my Black Series Tour! Leaving from @The Shmuseum our first stop is Paris, France with my three AMG Black Series models the GT, SLS and C63, as well as the G63 support vehicle. The very first leg takes us towards the Eurotunnel and onwards towards the Eiffel Tower!

After lately adding both GT Black Series and C63 Black Series towards the collection, it certainly is experienced the whole shebang to create a trip combined efforts to bring these monsters where they found existence in Germany. Having a tour that can take us via Paris, onto Stuttgart to go to Mercedes and AMG, after which to the Nurburgring, it is getting the cars to get affordable use.

For the very first day, we are leaving in the garage getting prepared all of the cars on the method to France and eventually towards the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Your way takes us from London and through the Eurotunnel for that easiest and quickest crossing from the British Funnel. With travel limitations opening, and particularly with new Duty-free shopping in the Folkestone Terminal, in addition to Tax-free shopping readily available for United kingdom residents within the EU, it’s an excellent time to utilize the service and obtain on the highway.

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After off-loading in the train around the French side, it is then onwards to Paris having a cruise across the French Autoroutes and in to the chaotic city traffic once we make our method to the center. It can’t be this type of trip with no lap from the Arc de Triomphe in route through, after which towards the Champs-Elysees on the method to the favourite monument of all of them to have an impromptu get together before venturing to the hotel for that night.

Reliable advice the tour has began in fashion, but case the start! Because of Eurotunnel for supporting this adventure, and getting the cars across towards the continent.

Thank you for watching, Tim


00:00 Intro

01:05 Garage Prep

02:00 On the go

05:16 Eurotunnel Crossing

09:33 Arrival in France

12:00 Paris Chaos Begins

14:52 Arc de Triomphe

17:37 Eiffel Tower

19:19 Final Leg

20: 10 Summary

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